About Delia Cooks

Hi all ! My name is Delia and through Delia Cooks Food Blog I will try to show you, in my journey called life, some very tasty recipes which I love, some of them since I was a kid.

I have always love food. As a child I was always interested and curious of my mom recipes I was always wanted to help her when she was cooking, even if that would be just peeling the vegetables. I was staying in my mother`s feet to see how she cooks.

My mom loved to improvised a lot when she was cooking. We were living in country side so we had most of the vegetables in the garden which give better tastes obviously.

When she was cooking for Christmas, Easter she would always give as tasks to make us responsible but also to teach us how to cook. She always said that all is matters is the taste. The same happened when I was visiting my grandma, she was making some simple recipes but the smell caught you from the gate. Now I regret that I didn`t write down some of her recipes.

Growing up I started to be more careful with what I was eating. I must say I`m lucky that my husband share this aspect too. He loves to eat but also quite healthy, lots of vegetables and salads. We are cooking together in the weekend and we try new recipes or sometimes just invent them.

Same as my mother he loves to cook with taste, he has a joke actually, if the food doesn`t tastes good he says it needs love. We want to adapt a healthy style of eating so a few times a year we are fasting. We consider it a detox. During all this time of fasting,  we don`t eat diaries and meat.

He also help me a lot with the website. I`m cooking and he`s taking care of the website but he always advise me where should I put more effort. We are both kind of perfectionists so we need to make sure everything looks perfect even though we all know that you learning a lot during the journey.

I think the journey is the work itself and if you do work hard you will exceed.

I really hope you will try my recipes and I hope you`ll enjoy them!



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